What Are Resale Rights and What Can They Be Used On

Resale Rights Online For Books

resale rightsYou must research resale rights online for the books that you have written or represent. Each of these things must be researched properly, and this article explains how you may work out a contract with your lawyer. You may protect your investment in these books, and you will learn quite quickly that these contracts may be built at any time for any website.

#1: Many Websites

You may work out resale rights with many different websites, and each of them must have a contract you are both pleased with. The contract that you create must be reviewed by an attorney, and you will create a formula for resale profits that come back to you as the author. You will make a certain amount of money on each sale, and the website will make a certain percentage of the sale.

#2: Protect Yourself

You must protect yourself with a simple contract that lays out all the rights you have as an author. The author must have a contract that they are happy with, and you must understand all the parameters of the contract because you are bound by this document once it is signed. You cannot give away your books online when you are publishing, and you must have an agreement with each website that wishes to publish your work, and these companies will sign with you to share profits. You may manage your rights as an author quite easily, and you will have a document that ensures your protection and income.

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