LASIK Eye Surgery Complications and How To Deal With Them

LASIK eye surgery will inevitably involve some sort of risk or danger, as it permanently alters the eye. However, this pertains equally to all types of surgery, not just eye surgeries, and a candidate should be aware of such difficulties and how to deal with them, rather than just dismiss this potentially liberating opportunity.

This will article will explain what LASIK eye surgery complications you can expect and what how you should deal with these dilemmas.

The most commonly reported side effect of LASIK eye surgery is dry eyes. Your symptoms can be that of painful, itchy, gritty eyes as well as a sensation of something in your eyes.If you are looking for Laser Eye Surgery Sydney or Lasik Surgery Sydney you may browse the web.

The best solution is to simply use the eye drops that you were provided after the operation, which should help lubricate your eyes and treat your dry eyes.

If you still feel dry eyes 6 months after the first surgery, then the chances are that it is permanent and there really isn't anything you can do about it.

Remember, eye surgery is a risk, and it is a risk that you have to be willing to take. Thankfully, the having dry eyes for that long is very rare as many precautions are taken by the doctor to assure that you are a suitable candidate for LASIK surgery and that you are producing a sufficient tear film.

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